Galvanized Chain Link 

Chain link is Leoco's Original fence! This is the fence we built our reputation on. If you’re looking for the longest lasting, most hassle free fence, that doesn't block our beautiful mountain views, chain link is for you. If you’re on a budget and need the best bang for your buck you can't beat chain link. We offer it in the traditional inexpensive galvanized coating. It is also available in the less obtrusive color vinyl coatings of Brown, Green, Black, Tan or even White. It comes in heights ranging from 3ft to 6 ft. Here at Leoco we only use the heavier 16 gauge post and top-rail with an 11 1/2 gauge galvanized fabric or the heavier 9 gauge fabric on our color option. We also carry a wide variety of heavier commercial with taller heights if necessary.

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Leoco Chain Link Fences

Color Chain Link