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​​​Our wood fences are suggested for the detailed individual that has an eye for rustic beauty and an appreciation for a Big Bear Tradition. We offer several options that are sure to fit your individual needs. The quality of all our wood fences is superior to others on the market. For example our Round Rail is custom made of Lodge Pole Pine, the straightest thickest pine. This species minimizes warping and offers the best strength in our harsh environment. Another fine example of our quality is represented in our Redwood fences. We recommend in our Picket and our Dog-eared Privacy Fence. Red wood is a much thicker and remains straighter than the typical cedar species. Redwood has characteristically fewer knots, better performance and has a beautiful grain. We can add to its durability with our recommended steel 2 3/8 post, adding many years to the lifespan. Maintenance is an important consideration when choosing wood as it may be necessary once or twice a year, depending on its exposure to the elements, to stain your wood fence. However its strength and beauty over vinyl may outweigh the upkeep.

​​​Leoco Wood Fences